At Fire work we are professional chimney sweeps, members of and monitored by the Guild of Master Sweeps. We are trained specialist in "Power Sweeping". We are fully insured and our work is clean and done to a high standard. 

We are trained and insured to carry out chimney surveys and assessments. We also service solid fuel stoves.

Based in the Black Isle, in Ross-shire, we work throughout the Scottish Highlands.

Please call us if you would like to arrange an appointment or to discuss any difficulties you may be having with your appliance or chimney.


We have the equipment to tackle a whole range of flues and chimneys.

We are trained specialists in "Power Sweeping". Developed in the USA and Germany this is the most advanced method of sweeping flues. It is clean and effective, removing considerably more soot and tar than other methods.  

We can give advice about your chimney and work with you to resolve any problems with your appliance.

An insurance approved certificate is issued, and a smoke draw test is carried out after each sweep.

Why do I need to get my chimney swept?

The main reasons for regular chimney sweeping are

  • to prevent house and chimney fires
  • to reduce the risk of dangerous fumes, such as carbon monoxide
  • to assist the efficient burning of fuel. 

Some landlords have a legal obligations to have the flue swept annually.

A number of insurance companies request that chimneys are swept and certificates issued in order for your insurance to remain valid, we issue such certificates after each sweep. 

All chimneys need sweeping, stoves and open fires. But how often?

This depends on a number of factors including: Type of fuel, appliance used, duration of use, moisture content of wood fuel, type of chimney. The sweeping frequencies below are for guidance only.

Smokeless coals At least once a year
Wood Quarterly when in use.
Coal Quarterly when in use.
Oil and Gas Once a year

Stoves can benefit greatly from a good service. A stove which is well maintained is safer, will burn fuel more efficiently and last longer.

Whether your stove needs new fire bricks, gaskets, rope seals or baffle plates we can  keep it in good running order.

Chimney surveys

There are a number of reasons why a chimney survey may be necessary:

  • In order to ensure a chimney is not leaking any harmful gases.
  • Prior to purchasing a new property.
  • After a chimney fire to ensure there is no damage.
  • Landlord's meeting their "duty of care" responsibilities to their tenants.
  • In order to support an insurance claim.

There are a number of stages involved in a survey - every stage is not always required.

  • Stack pot and cowl inspection, with digital photos documenting any faults.
  • Pressure sealed smoke test - to test for leakage.
  • Confirm construction and dimensions of chimney.
  • CCTV internal survey.
  • Detailed written report with photo or video documentation. 

Fire-work Sweep is a Chimney Sweep working in the Ross-Shire area of Scotland, mainly around Inverness.

Fire work is a professional, well equipped chimney sweeping company. We are members of, and monitored by the Guild of Master Sweeps. Our work is clean and done to a high standard. We work in the Ross-shire area, mainly around Inverness.